John Fairclough is not an expert on the science of liquefaction.  However, he knows sometihing about operational ship stability and has been involved with cargoes, one way and another, since he went to sea more than fifty years ago.

He has now written an EBook, “Systemic regulatory and other problems with liquefaction of bauxite and various cargoes” which has been published online by JF Marine Limited.

The EBook discusses the loading of cargoes of bauxite into three ships at Kuantan over a few weeks from December 2014.  One of the ships sank during the subsequent passage to China.  The cargo of another was found to have liquefied while the ship was at sea.  That of the third ship was found to be in dangerous condition, being excessively wet, before the ship left the port of loading.

These events suggested that parts of the system put in place and maintained by the regulators, and common practices, may have been at the root of what happened, rather than activities related to a single ship.  The EBook examines the events in the light of previous problems with liquefaction of cargoes and current rules and practices.  It draws conclusions concerning  the loss of the ship and makes recommendations concerning the safe carriage of cargoes subject of the IMSBC Code.

The EBook includes an outline of the relevant principles of ship stability.  It is therefore accessible to both non-mariners as well as mariners.

The EBook may be downloaded free of charge here