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Ships’ Hatch Covers – Keeping Cargoes Dry

A new book by John Fairclough


JF Marine Limited was established in May, 2005.  It is owned by John Fairclough, an experienced marine surveyor and consultant.  Through the company, he provides marine surveying and consultancy of excellence to the maritime community.

The essence of good surveying is the accurate preservation of relevant technical evidence.  That information can be here today but, without a good surveyor, may also be gone tomorrow.  Its careful preservation can make the difference, depending admittedly on some other important factors, between the fair and prompt resolution of an issue or the failure to achieve such a solution with the uncontrolled escalation of costs.

Marine consultancy allows survey findings to be correctly evaluated and put accurately into perspective.  That will often require reference to regulation, practice, logic or other consideration.

John Fairclough has provided these services for many years and continues to do so through JF Marine Limited.

JF Marine Limited published “Ships’ Hatch Covers – Keeping Cargoes Dry” by John Fairclough in May 2015. Chapter 1, which sets out the objectives and scope of the book, may be found here.

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